Hardsurface Study - Toggle Clamp

General / 09 December 2022
This study was my result from a prop team exercise at Ubisoft, Annecy. We were given one hour to 3D model this object bellow.

I chose to use Fusion360 to create the majority of the design and after one hour this was the result:

A good start certainly but I felt compelled to come back to this and give it a little more time. After spending an additional 45 minutes this was the result:

This really shows the power of fusion 360. I brought this into blender, added some chamfers and set up a simple render scene. 

Final Renders


I can confidently say that my skills in fusion360 now allow me to manifest ideas quicker than before. This new skill seamlessly fits in with my other 3D methods but provide me with greater flexibility when approaching challenges. 

After the one hour we sat down to discuss and debrief with each other about the challenges and various solutions. By using fusion 360 we were unable to compare results or methods and I believe this hurt the discussion and usefulness of the exercise. In the next challenge I will use the same method as the other artists to keep things comparable.

This study was initially shared on twitter